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Scleral Contact Lenses

Innovative Custom Contact Lenses For Keratoconus, Pelucid Marginal Degeneration, Ocular Surface Disease, and Extreme Dry Eyes.

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Woman Inserting Scleral Contact Lenses in Markham ON

Scleral Lenses are an innovative contact lens that is created based on a digital map of your eyes surface. Because of its uniquely large design, it has considerable advantages for the comfort of patients with ocular surface disorders that cause pain or discomfort from contact lens use.

Its vaulted design means that it leaves a pocket of space between the eye and the lens, where the patient can use lubricating drops to provide a full day worth of lubrication and eye comfort.

The lens is called Scleral, because it rests on the Sclera of the eye. The sclera is the white part of the eye, and this bypasses the more sensitive areas of the eye as well as providing a snug fit and less contact lens movement.

We offer ICD Flex scleral lenses for a variety of conditions including Keratoconus, Pellucid Marginal Degeneration, post LASIK/Eye surgery complications, and extreme dry eye.

arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2-light Are you one of the 5 patient types that would likely benefit from a Scleral Lens?

Candidates Include Patients with:

  1. People who have had discomfort with contacts in the past or have been told they are not a candidate for contact lenses due to high or unusual prescriptions.
  2. People who have had difficulty finding a contact lens that they find comfortable and that provides great vision.
  3. People with conditions that affect their ocular surfaces such as Keratoconus or any type of corneal degeneration or dystrophy, transplants, scarring or trauma or post-LASIK complications.
  4. People with extremely dry eyes or have the following symptoms: high sensitivity to light, watery eyes, painful or sore eyes, gritty or a have a feeling of something stuck in your eye.
  5. People with diseases such as Steve Johnson Syndrome and Sjorgens.
arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2-light What are the main benefits of Scleral Contact Lenses vs Regular Lens?
  1. Drastic improvement of comfort
  2. Improved, consistency, and clarity of vision.
  3. Lubrication all day long.
arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2-light What is unique about the Scleral Lens Technology?
  1. The lens is ultra wide resting on the Sclera of the eye, improving comfort and keeping the lens in from moving.
  2. Microscopic adjustments to the lenses can be made with new advanced manufacturing technology to customize the fit of each lens to each patient’s unique needs.
  3. The vaulted design allows for a new corneal surface, which leads to a drastic improvement of vision. In addition, the vaulted design creates a reservoir for lubricating eye drops.
arrow-right-2 arrow-right-2-light Custom Fit

We customize the lenses to the exact specifications of each individual wearer.

Because of the unique design utilizing advanced equipment, a scleral lens fitting costs more than a general contact lens fitting. In most cases, the patient will come back up to a few times after the initial trial pair for minor adjustments so that you can achieve life-changing comfort and clarity.

Special Instances That Can Benefit from Scleral Lenses

Woman with eyes covered to illustrate Severe Vision Loss or Legal Blindness

Severe Vision Loss

The custom design of the Scleral Lens means that patients who have severe vision issues from conditions such as Keratoconus have in many cases gone from being classified as legally blind, to have excellent vision.

Family who loves sports


Scleral lenses are ideal for athletes because they provide crisp vision for both central and side vision, which is often lacking with glasses or traditional contacts. Furthermore, they are firmly set in place and block small debris from damaging the eye.

Woman wearing scleral contact lenses

Protective & Therapeutic

Sclerals provide comfort for many people who are suffering from corneal irregularities and severe dry eyes. The second most common statement after fitting for Sclerals is “wow these are so comfortable”.

Option 1

Night time:  

  • Clean with Soft Sof/Pro 2 (if needed)
  • Store in Clear Care at night


  • Rinse with preservative Non-preservative saline
  • Rinse and rub with Biotrue

Option 2

Night time:

  • Clean with Optimum Extra (Gently rub in the palm of the hand)
  • Store in Optimum Storage Cleaner


  • After rinsing off the Optimum CDS with Non-Preservative Saline  (Rub in palm of hand with Optimum WRW before preparing to insert)

*Recommended Storage Products are: Lobob, Simplex, Unique PH, and


*Recommended Extra Strength Cleaners are: Sof/Pro 2, Miraflow, Ultrazyme(in conjunction with Clear Care), Optimum ESC, Boston Enzyme Cleaner.

Products NOT TO USE: Boston Original, Boston Advance, Any type of Rewetting drop that is a gel or comes in a bottle, Saline with Preservatives.

Applying Scleral Lenses

  1.    The first rule for healthy eyes with scleral lenses is to wash your hands well with a mild soap. To prevent small fibers from sticking to your contact lenses, dry your hands well with a lint-free towel.
  2.    Before inserting your lenses, inspect your eyes for any redness or secretions. If you notice any irritation or changes in your vision while wearing scleral lenses, call our office to schedule an appointment. Our optometrist will perform an eye exam to check for any complications.
  3.    Our eye doctor will instruct you on the best insertion methods for scleral lenses in our clinic. We advise patients to first place a mirror flat on the table in front of them. Remove one lens from its case and check it carefully for any debris or chips. If you hold your scleral lens against the light, you’ll be able to spot any cloudy deposits.
  4.    Fill the bowl of the lens with saline. Scleral lenses can be inserted using your fingers or a special inserter tool. If you prefer using your fingers, it is ideal to use two or three fingers (tripod method) to keep the lens stable and flat as you place it in your eye.
  5.    Look downwards towards the mirror. Use one hand to hold your eyelids open, and place the lens in your eye with the other hand.  As soon as you feel the saline against your eyeball, press gently and let go. The scleral lens will attach to your eye. Repeat this process with the second lens.
  6.    If your scleral lenses feel uncomfortable, it may be due to an air bubble trapped beneath the lens surface. You may need to remove the lens and insert again.

Removal of Scleral Lenses

There are two basic methods of removing scleral contact lenses: with your fingers, or with the aid of a plunger.

After you wash your hands well, look straight ahead. If you’re using a plunger, wet the tip with saline and attach it to the lower third of the lens. Press gently on your eye, and pull up and out.

If you’re using your fingers, then place two fingertips on either side of the lens and gently break the seal from your eye. In this way, you’ll dislodge the lens. Be ready to catch it as it pops out! Although it sounds challenging, don’t worry - after a few times practicing scleral lens removal, it will become natural and simple.

*The Non- Preservative salines recommend are: Addipaks or Purilens (bottle only good for 10 days from the time it is opened, due to no preservatives).

*The Non-Preservative tears we recommend is Oasis. ( Any Non-preservative tears will work).